Private Classes & Coachings


The VBC offers private sessions for those looking for a one-on-one experience with top-notch instruction. We help those looking to work on their dance skills, performers wanting to fine-tune their numbers, plus fitness models and body builders prepping routines and poses for competitions.

Private Classes

Are you someone who does not enjoy learning in a group setting? One-on-one Instruction allows you to work at your own pace and fine-tune the exact skills you're wanting to learn. From basic dance instruction, to burlesque striptease to  self-improvement  and reclamation of your body and self-confidence, the VBC is here to help. 

Private Coaching

We offer coachings to performers looking to put an extra bit of sparkle and shine on to their existing routines. We can help with character and act development, choreography and costuming ideas.


All private sessions are $60 + studio rental (studio rental fee dependant on which studio used)


Contact us by email to book your private session: