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Our company strives to bring you amazing workshops to help build your skill set, learn new tricks and refine your movement.


Workshops with Lola Frost

Our sultry and seductive Co-Director is back for a series of workshops! Don’t miss out on learning from this master:

Location: Tantra Fitness Mt. Pleasant

Exotic Floor Flow for Burlesque: Jan 13th, 11:30am - 12:30pm

Lap Dance for Your Lover: Jan 13th, 12:45pm - 2:30pm

The Slow Burn – Moving with Sensuality and Intention: Jan 27th, 2:30pm, - 4pm

Girls Who Pole Flow: Jan 27th, 4:15pm - 5:15pm

Private Coaching Opportunities with Lola: Jan 13th & Jan 27th

Exotic Floor Flow for Burlesque
Date: Sunday, Jan.13th
Time: 11:30am - 12:30pm
Cost: $20

Saucy, slinky and smutty! Learn some killer moves and flow to add to your floor work repertoire! This class is suited to slightly more advanced students who are comfortable with shoulder rolls and stalls. The class will break apart the tricky moves safely then add them all into a scrumptious routine!
What to bring / needs : Knee pads are strongly suggested for this class. Students with knee injury, wrist, shoulder or back injuries should refrain from class. Heels highly encouraged!

Pre-registration is required:

Lap Dance for Your Lover
Date: Sunday, Jan 13th
Time: 12:45pm - 2:30pm
Cost: $40

Learn the gift that keeps giving - a saucy, personal, intimate Lap Dance for your Lover! Join Lola for this interactive workshop and dive into an overview of the art form's philosophy and technique. This session will include learning a set of specific moves geared for up close and personal interaction as well as a few more daring techniques guaranteed to have your partner wanting more! We will cover intimacy, eye contact, boundaries, touch and non contact, floor and walking transitions, music choices and environment.
What to bring / needs : Please bring heels you can comfortably move in and knee pads or legwarmers. Bring water and a notebook and the openness to work with other students! This is an interactive workshop!

Pre-registration is required:

The Slow Burn – Moving with Sensuality and Intention
Date: Jan 27th
Time: 2:30pm, - 4pm
Cost: $30
Location: Pole Room at Tantra Mt. Pleasant

Moving slowly on stage is challenging. It takes thought, confidence, and a belief in the expression you are portraying to your audience. It starts with a thought, is moved through action, and then becomes bestowed to your audience. Whenever you are moving on stage, you want your actions to radiate strength and grace, power and intention. This movement- and theory-based class will take you through a warm-up, a diverse range of movements and the theory behind them, and exploration of receptive and penetrative energies to bring the most diverse translations of your desires to the stage.
What to bring / needs : Please wear dance or yoga clothes and bring a note book and water. Dance shoes optional.

Burly Grrrls Who Pole Flow
Date: Sunday, Jan 27th
Time: 4:15pm - 5:15pm
Location: Pole Room at Tantra Mt. Pleasant
*By invite only

Pole L2 suggested, comfortable with spins and to the floor transitions. This flow will not include climbs or inversions.

Private Coaching Opportunities with Lola Frost
When: Sundays Jan 13 & 27
Locations: Pole Room at Tantra Mt. Pleasant
Cost: $75/hour
*Email Lola directly to book a session: